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Is someone behind
this pseudonym?

Yes! A 18 yo teenager and named Adrien, passionate by IT, photos, nature and close to the free / open source world. I am currently student in a preparatory class for Higher School in Technology and Industrial Sciences after I got my baccalaureate of Sciences and Technologies of Industry and sustainable development (STI2D) in 2015

One of my passions, let's talk about it!

This is IT. Being curious, I try to discover this wonderful world. This passion focuses specifically on programming and website development, and sometimes software and / or scripts.
This passion came to me when I wanted to create my own online game, when I was 10-11 years. At that time, I had no idea of ​​what was needed to achieve this dream, but I inquired with young web developer, one of whom is the author of an online game, released in 2005 at the age of 13 only. Following his advices, I started to learn HTML by myself, then everything that goes with it! CSS and the basics of Javascript, for example. I already was training to do some sketches, nothing yet interactive. In parallel, I started to learn softwares languages such as VB.Net and AutoIt. Later, I learned PHP, which helped me to boost my draft websites. Today, I use PHP in most of my sites; For example, to manage the display of a site in multiple languages, or change the font for a suitable for dyslexia or who have difficulty reading text in sans serif font (or non monospaced).

I often participate in projects with other developers of my age, participating in the development of a web design and its integration, programming this one, or making its installation.

My curiousity of the systems

When you are curious about computers, in general you do not stay in a private and restrictive operating system. You go to the UNIX world. I headed Linux at the age of 12. So far I've done some of my steps under Linux, several distributions of Debian branch, and Frugalware on Slackware branch. Today, after long remained on Crunchbang Linux, I am trying Elementary OS, which is a "Ubuntu" but with a true User Interface this time.



My skills can be summarized in the creation of websites and online applications. In the future, I will use these skills in creating smartphones apps, domain that I am actually discovering.

I can use :

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Javascript (bases) / jQuery
  • PHP5 (POO, SQL, ...)


I master most computer tools but I prefer working in an adapted environment. In fact, I use and can maintain GNU/Linux systems. The console does not scare me, I know how to maintain a network called "LAMP" but not only: Apache or NGinx, PHP, MySQL, firewall, or other tools, it's up my alley

I also use a few systems languages, such as Bash. I have bases in C++, VBA.Net and Python.


I also have skills in the languages, I speak English (not yet evaluated) and German (certification A2 et B1).
I also do webdesign, when I have the time or when the pretext is present.



You can find me in diverse places on the web:

  • E-Mail
  • Twitter
  • Github
  • XMPP
  • SIP
  • Sound
  • Spotify
  • RSS

Contact me via the XMPP protocol, here is my username:
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Contact me by e-mail, you can also use my GPG/PGP public key available for download here.
You can certainly find me in other places of the Internet under my pseudonym passionaqua, eg. IRC (Freenode), Instagram, Diaspora*, ...